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The 2015 SEN Hudl Package is Officially Unleashed!!!!
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Spring Season Schedules Released
Click Here for Frosh Schedule. Click Here for JV Schedule. Click Here for Varsity Schedule.

Grassroots 2015 Certified Trainer List Released
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New President's Pen to answer the question, "What's in it for Coach Mike?"
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Grassroots Partners with XP to bring Fundamentals and Safety to the Next Level!
To learn more about XP and Lavar Arrington's revolutionary concept, CLICK HERE!!!!

2015 Grassroots Spring Season Details Released
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Grassroots Partners with MetroAYF to make noise in the Fall of 2015! 
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New Organizations Join Grassroots for Spring & Fall!!!! 
Shutdown Academy, Baltimore United, Central PA Soldiers, and Harford County Patriots got next, CLICK HERE!!!

2015 FBU Camp Registration & Information
Visit the FBU Website to learn more, Click Here!

GYFL and CMC Sports Join forces to increase opportunities for youth.
Visit the CMC Sports Website to get plugged in, CLICK HERE!!!!

Coach Mike is Named Luekemia and Lymphoma Society Ambassador!!!!
We need the Grassroots Nation to STEP UP and SUPPORT!!!! Click Here for the LLS Website and more Info!!!

Grassroots Needs Your Support!
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Hot Videos from The Burning Sands II & FBU
Click Here to see the Burning Sands Interview with GYFL Prez.  Click Here to see the FBU Hype Video!

HS Camps, Clinics and Showcase Events

The following showcase events and camps are for our High School alums:

Note: We are confident that the events that we offer at Grassroots are more than enough for our middle school student athletes to maximize their chances of getting to the next level.  All they need to add is attendance at football camps for any High Schools they are interested in.

For our High School Alums, there are many options that you have that can benefit you as you compete for a chance to play at the next level.  You MUST NOT feel the need to attend every event that is out there.  The following represents a list of events that we at Grassroots have personally attended and can vouch for the quality and influence they can potentially have. This is not to suggest that events not listed can't be good for you, but we are only willing to put our reputation behind events that we have personally vetted.  Here you go!

Xtreme Procision Events:

Crab Bowl Exposure Camps:

  • The camp schedule is being set as we speak, but they usually run during consecutive weeks in the month of June and July.
  • Camp Schedule should be finalized by April 15th.  Check regularly for the schedule updates.  There will be 11 Exposure Camps to hit every corner of the State of Maryland.
  • These camps are crucial for selection to the Maryland Crab Bowl in December. 

FBU Events:

VTO Sports Events:

Rivals Events

Nike Events:

  • Nike Football Combine (Formerly Sparq): April 19th at Centreville HS in Clifton, VA.  Nike Combines have reduced the numbers this year and may be full.  Click Here for Registration and Information.    
  • Nike Opening Regionals (Formerly Nike Football Training Camps): April 19th at Centreville HS in Clifton, VA.  Nike Opening Regionals have limited space. Coaches recommendations and highlight tapes may be sent, Click Here for Registration and Information.  

National Underclassmen Events:

USA Football Events:

Full Focus Partnership:

High School 7 on 7 Competition:

College 1 Day Camps:

It is important to attend the 1 Day camps for the colleges that you are interested in.  We suggest that you attend all of the schools that are at least in driving distance, such as the following:

  • University of Maryland
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia
  • Rutgers
  • Penn State
  • Howard University
  • Towson University
  • James Madison
  • Richmond
  • William & Mary

Note: Google the websites for each one of these football programs and they will provide you with camp information.



Upcoming Events

Spring Week #4
May 16th & 17th

What: Grassroots Week #4
Who: 5th Grade - 8th Graders
         Balt-Wash Metro Area

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Click Here for JV
Click Here for Frosh

Grassroots NEEDS YOU!
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VTO Combine @ CDI

GMAFL Varsity Championship

FBU NC Hype Video

FBU 7th Grade Final 4 Highlights

Burning Sands Interview 2013

Burning Sands Invitational II

How Bad Do You WANT IT???

GYFL Combine Video

Maryland Pride

GYFL Tailgate News

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March 6, 2015